Space Tripping: A Crazy Sci-Fi Comedy To Bring Unique Special effects For The Fans

The Movie Will Launch a Kickstarter Campaign in 2016. “I Want to Keep an Open Discussion With the Backers and Fans and to Create This Together From the Story and Script to the Visuals and the Original Ideas of How Things Will Look in the Future”, Says Director Eyal B

The future is coming, and it’s hilarious:  A new film called ‘Space Tripping’ will start its production soon and will be packed with new and impressive special effects. The movie, a Sci-Fi Comedy will be produced and directed by filmmaker and animator Eyal B, and will tell the story of two best friends in New York 2091, going on a crazy adventure after getting in trouble with a mafia boss. The first trailer for the film will hit the social networks shortly, and Eyal B promises it’ll be ‘So unique and funny that you will just have to share it”.

Coming soon: First Scenes from 'Space Tripping'

Coming soon: First Scenes from ‘Space Tripping’

In 2016, Production will launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund the movie, bringing Sci-Fi and Comics fans special benefits with their contribution, including several ways to actually be a part of the film.

“The idea of Space Tripping, which was also brought by my brother, Nimrod Aldea, is mixture of three of my favorite genres: Comedy, Sci-Fi and stoner films, which are seldom appear together”, says Eyal B.

The Making of 'Space Tripping': Green Screen in Action

The Making of ‘Space Tripping’: Green Screen in Action

“The main difference between the movie’s special effects and the one we are used to see in Hollywood films or modern tv shows, Is the fact that in our case, the special effects are aware of themselves, and are not trying to ‘hide’ as a realistic scenes or photorealistic locations. After many years of working in the VFX industry and as a motion graphic designer, I’ve realized that there are a lot of visual tools you can use to tell a story, rather than trying to make everything 100% believable”.

Unlike other productions with advanced visual effects, Eyal’s work is done from his personal computer at home. It’s a one man job, since the first idea and until the finished product. “The best example for the use of an artistic visual effects, might be the film ‘Sin City’ which was the first movie to use the green screen technique in an artistic and graphic way”, He says, “Not only that unique visual language didn’t damaged the story, it kind of levitate it to a new and complete work of art. I tried to develop a colorful and uplifting visual language to match the comic environment of the film”.

What do you wish to accomplish with the making and the release of the movie? What would be your biggest goal with reaching the audience? 

“Well I’m not sure if my biggest goal would be creating the film or just reaching the audience. Going to the Kickstarter route is mainly to be in touch with the potential audience, rather than going through the classic production studio way. It’s important for me to know that this type of film will have an audience out there. I want to keep an open discussion with the backers and fans and to create this together from the story and script to the visuals and the original ideas of how things will look in the future.

“The biggest goal in reaching the audience is the success of creating a trailer which is so unique and funny that you have to share and spread it. The Viral test is the most important test in the entire project, If it’s good enough to be something that you want to share with your friends then it is definitely worth making”.

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