To the Moon & Back: The Hard Working Path of Filmmaker Eyal B

After many years of specialising in Visual effects and writing comedy sketches for major clients, Filmmaker Eyal B stands before the craziest (and funniest) career path in his life, directing his first feature film (‘Space Tripping’), going all the way on his own and reaching the highest. Even space is not the final frontier

It’s been a hell of a journey for Filmmaker Eyal B for the last 20 years. The visual effects specialist and director from Tel-Aviv got his first camera when he was 12 and never looked back. Learning the craft on his own, Eyal became Israel’s no.1 guy in special effects, creating TV Shows, popular commercials and comedy sketches for all major players business.

At 41, father of three children, Eyal sets before the biggest career challenge in his life, creating his first feature film called ‘Space Tripping’, A SciFi stoner comedy, packed with visual effects. A real eye candy if you will. The trailer for the film was released last week, getting wonderful responses around the world, as the production will set on a major Kickstarter campaign this spring, in order to make the film fans community a part of the dream.

The movie takes place In New York 2091, where two best friends are going on a crazy adventure, delivering the most narcotic plant on the galaxy to the dangerous man in the world, and everything on their way goes wrong.

"The most valuable thing that I have to offer the audience is a real involvement in the creation of a project". Eyal B

“The most valuable thing that I have to offer the audience is a real involvement in the creation of a project”. Eyal B

The no.1 main difference between Eyal and other filmmakers of his kind, is the fact that today he is working his craft from his computer at home, showing achievements that can easily mistaken to be produced in a major studio.

“Working on the trailer of the new film from my home computer took much longer than I’ve expected”, Eyal explains his DIY approach, “Before I started working on the post production I estimated that it might take me about two months. Judging from my past projects (commercials and tv shows) I knew that I’m capable to produce a minute of film in a month by myself. But sadly it turned out to be much more tedious and complex, mainly because I didn’t grasp the amount of different locations that might appear for just 2 seconds or less. So all in all, this trailer was a year in the making.

“But I’m pretty sane”, He laughs, “Mainly due to the fact that I’m quite used to work in this method – meaning me myself and I staring at a dazzling screen. This is the way I work from the early nineties doing illustrations, cartoons, animations visual effects and video editing. The real wonder here is the fact that I have no glasses”.

What’s the idea behind choosing a crowdfunding platform in order to create the movie?

“I think that the most valuable thing that I have to offer the audience is a real involvement in the creation of a project, and I don’t mean just as spectators. I truly want to involve the community of this film in every aspect of the creation. For example: writing a script together, deciding which joke will go in and which will be eliminated. It can be going over concept art and even contributing their own. It’s choosing wardrobe, arts , props, masks design, everything.

"if there’s anything that history teaches me is that the future will be better". Eyal B

“if there’s anything that history teaches me is that the future will be better”. Eyal B

“I really think that it is a unique process that both sides can benefit from it. I would love to have a real time reactions from the audience before the shoots, and the audience can feel proud for taking part in creating a film that meet their standards and taste.”

Why stoner comedy?

“Comedy has always been my favorite genre, It’s the most demanding and rewarding form of expression, succeeding in making people laugh is one hard task, and it’s getting even harder from year to year – But if you succeed in crossing the barrier between you and the audience, and make them truly laugh, then the reward is endless.

“As for stoner comedy, I feel that this genre with it’s use of mind changing substances, opens up a lot of new ideas and possibilities. And personally I have a sympathy for the classic stoner-loser character, who can’t raise himself from the sofa, but have to tackle the whole world filled with ordinary ‘by the book’ people, for all kinds of reasons.”

Would you say ‘Space Tripping’ will be sort of a ‘Harold & Kumar’ version? Only in space and with visual effects? 

“I wish”, He laughs, “Stoner movies are usually lead by a misfits duo, that somehow the world have disrupted their plans to stay home and get high. Ashton and Faroque (The main characters in ‘Space Tripping’) are no different. They would love to stay home and get high with the best narcotics 2091 have to offer, but somehow they find themselves inside an out of order spaceship, 90,000 kilometers from earth with a condescending alien and a narcotic plant on the run.”

Besides being a filmmaker, you’re a dad and a family man. Does your kids know your work? Are you influenced by them?

“I’m a dad of three (ages 14,10,6). One of them even have a short appearance in the trailer. she’s the gorgeous redhead who won’t let you get too close to the bio computers. And they are all obviously well aware of my occupation.

Eyal's daughter up in the air. The Making of 'Space Tripping': Green Screen in Action

Eyal’s daughter up in the air. The Making of ‘Space Tripping’: Green Screen in Action

“Our house is like a giant ‘Halloween adventure’ store, filled with costumes, outfits, weapons  and masks that I collect from my various productions, so it’s quite common to see in our house short penguins chasing redhead aliens with swords and maces. I’m not sure if my kids influence my writing and my work directly, but I’m pretty sure that they have a moderating presence over my stuff, which is a very good thing.”

So what’s life really going to be like in 2091? Just like we see on Space Tripping?

“The truth is that no one can tell how life will be here in the nineties of the current century. I guess all of my ideas of space traveling, moon settlements, and nano-youth pills might take form in the next 3 decades, and we will still have 50 years to go until we’ll reach 2090.

“But if there’s one thing that I’m pretty sure about  – is that life will be better. This is just how human society evolves.Try to compare our life today to our civilization 200 or even 100 years ago. We had sewage running open in the streets, we hardly had cars, and a life expectancy of 60 years. Go back 200 years and things were even worse. so if there’s anything that history teaches me is that the future will be better. I’m not sure how better or in what way, but just better.

“And if you want me to do some wild speculations I’ll say that age changing pills are just around the corner. I think that eating meat will be illegal in many countries in the next 30 years. I think we can definitely expect moon or space settlements for tourist and research purposes. As for aliens –  I have no idea”, He laughs, and goes through his film characters, “I’m pretty sure there are other life forms, but I don’t think that they are anyway near what we imagine, like humanoids that wear cloths and speaks english. I guess those other life forms are so different from us that we might totally miss their presence or just don’t care.”